Quality Winemaking Services by Carol Bunn, Winemaker


Winemaking Services

o Pre-harvest and picking decisions
o Harvest (and all it incorporates)
o Post-harvest and follow-up
o Blending - final decision on blends
o Bottling – quality control on bottling line

Viticulture Services – liaison with:
o Canopy Management
o Thinning Decisions – including shoot thinning, leaf plucking, crop loading, fruit thinning
o Pre-harvest leading into Picking decisions
o Optional Viticultural liaison services eg: irrigation, fertilization/nutrition requirements, soil fertility/requirements

Other Services
o Sales and Marketing
o Events and Promotions
o Exclusive use within the Wine Artisan clientele of the name ‘Carol Bunn’
o Liaison and contact with the wine media & fraternity


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